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How to use the Liviwheel?

How to use the Liviwheel?

How to achieve the abs you always wanted?

The Ab Wheel, when performed correctly, is an extremely effective exercise that targets your entire abdominal muscles (the 6 packs). In this article, we will share with you why is important to train your core, and also how to do it correctly to maximise results and prevent injuries.

Why should you train your abs?

Our abs are one of the most important muscle groups in our body. Other than to look good (which is obviously important), the abs contributes together with other muscles like the pelvic floor muscles, transverse abdominis (deep abdominal muscles), erector spinae (lower back muscles) and diaphragm, to form the core of our body. Our core is the powerhouse of our body to almost all movements, pushing, pulling, jumping, punching, you name it. It is the link between our lower body and upper body muscles. A strong core will allow for greater force transfer between hence generate more power in every functional movement you perform. Additionally, the core also plays an important role in stabilising your spine, preventing injuries.

How to train them?

Now that you understand its importance, let's get to the fun part - training. There are almost uncountable ways to train the abs, the most commons one being sit-ups, crunches etc. While all those will work your abs to some degree, the sit-up not only poses a great risk to your lower back, but actually works the hip flexors more than your actual abs, and crunches only focus on the upper abs. The ab wheel, however, works all angles of the abs equally, while also trains the transverse abdominus, the deep abdominal muscles. It can also be easily modified to make it easier (using our assistive bands).

Step 1:

Start by getting into position as shown in the photo below:


Keep a neutral to slightly flexed back, avoid arching the lower back. Engage your core muscles. 

Step 2:

Start by rolling forward in a controlled manner. Stop before you feel like you can n longer pull yourself back up, this will depend on your fitness level. Keep your abs contracted and engaged at all times. Hold for 2-3 seconds in the bottom position before pulling yourself back up.

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