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Visible Results in 1 month

With consistent effort, results will show in less than a month with significant improvement in abs definition with reasonable levels of body fat.

Moreover, the increase in stability and strength of your core will also improve sports performance and help alleviate chronic back pain.

How is this different?

Unlike traditional ab wheels, the LiviWheel is built with two wide wheels instead of one, which greatly increase stability and helps with better concentration on the abs. It also greatly reduce the risk of injuries caused by instability.

Ergonomic grip


Compact Design


Why do you need it?

Our abs, other than being aesthetically pleasing, play a significant role in stabilising your spine, preventing injuries.

Our core is the powerhouse of our body to almost all movements, pushing, pulling, jumping, punching, you name it. It is the link between our lower body and upper body muscles. A strong core will allow for greater force transfer between hence generate more power in every functional movement you perform.

Train Everywhere

One of the best features of the LiviWheel is its portability. The patent pending foldable and removable handles allows you to bring along the LiviWheel to train anytime, anywhere.

The LiviWheel works on ALL surfaces, from carpets to wood, granite to grass, it rolls smoothly and silently nevertheless. Never worry about scratching your floor tiles again.

Not only for experts

This ab wheel is not only for advanced users. It can be made easier to use by using our assistive bands.

Place one end of the bands between on the handle and the other end behind your feet. The exercise will be easier while still being very effective.

Check out our tutorial here

The ORIGINAL LiviWheel

While certain companies out there will try to sell you counterfeit versions of the LiviWheel™, there's only one ORIGINAL version - and that's right here at LIVINE. If you or anyone you know become aware of counterfeit LiviWheels being sold online or off, please report the guilty part to

Cheap counterfeit versions are made of cheap plastic materials and are prone to break after just a few uses, plus, they could put you and your loved ones in danger. It's not worth the risk.
Livine Group Limited is the ONLY authentic manufacturer and distributor of the original LiviWheel™.

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